Join us to help make soccer Fun, Safe, and Fair …. For the Kids.

To Register as a New or Returning Referee, log into your National AYSO Blue Sombrero registration account, select referee as a volunteer and complete the volunteer form.

Contact our Region 25 RC and Referee Staff for more information.

We have opportunities for Youth Referees and eligible participants may receive a stipend and/or community service credits for serving as referees. Youth referees are trained and mentored by veteran referees throughout the season.

Best place to watch the game – right on the field!

We train you and give you the uniform and equipment …

Why Should I Referee?

The best reason for being an AYSO referee is for the kids. But if you're in it for the uniform, whistle, or flags, that's OK too.

Referees play a vital role in keeping the games Safe, Fair and Fun-- what AYSO is all about.

But why should YOU do it?  While everyone is welcome, refereeing is likely to appeal to you if:

  • you like to participate
  • you want a front row "seat" at games
  • you enjoy (or need!) physical activity
  • you enjoy a challenge (where you pick the level of difficulty)
  • you don't have enough time during the week to be a coach
  • you want to participate in a sport that is practiced worldwide

If any of these describe you, give refereeing a try. Your role will be to help the kids structure their game, teach them a bit about the game and the role of the referee, and, occasionally, to intervene. Best of all, you get to be out on the field with the kids, enjoying the game from "up close", while everyone else has to watch. You also get to wear a very cool uniform, including shorts with pockets that can hold everything including your cell phone and water bottle.

How Do I Become an AYSO Referee?

To become an AYSO referee, you can sign up for basic online training at or attend an AYSO referee certification clinic. Clinics are quick, easy, and fun to take -- even for those with no prior soccer experience.  The introductory clinics cover the Laws of the Game, game structure, and the AYSO philosophy.  At these clinics, you can also pick up some things you will need: a copy of the Laws of the Game, a referee uniform, flags, a whistle, stopwatch, and badge. Uniforms and equipment are provided.

Returning Referees – advancing your Training and Certification

AYSO provides Training and Certification. Stay tuned for training classes offered in Region 25 / Portola Valley-Woodside. Numerous classes are available in our local regions. If you are already a FIFA referee, you may be able to cross certify for AYSO.

When not free, Region 25 volunteers are reimburse for pre-approved training fees.

For your reference, here are links to other local Referee Pages that show current training schedules:

Check out 
Golden Gate Camp in early August for great workshops and training.  We are lucky that it is held locally in Menlo Park this year.

Referee Training Schedule for 2021 season in progress