Rules & Regulations

AYSO Rules and Regulations apply to all play in Region 25. (See noted exceptions).

Game Attire:

Each player must wear:

  • Team uniform – jersey (tucked in), shorts, and socks.
  • Shin guards (under and completed covered by socks).
  • Soccer cleats – not baseball cleats that have a cleat at the front toe.
  • Team uniform – jersey (tucked in), shorts, and socks.

Players may not wear anything that is potentially dangerous such as splints, casts, bracelets, rings, earrings (even if taped over), and wristwatches. If a player comes with newly pierced ears and an earring that cannot be removed at that time, she will not be allowed to play. The suggestion is to wait until after the season to have her ears pierced.

The referee's decision on player apparel is final. This decision is based on safety of the players.

Game Ball/Game Length/Game Size

 League Ball Size Game Length # Players/Side
 Kinderleague  Size 3 30 minute practice / 30minute play  n/a
U8  Size 3  40 minute games  6 v 6
U10 Size 4  50 minute games  8 v 8
U12 Size 4 60 minute games  9 v 9
U14 Size 5 70 minute games  11 v 11
U16 Size 5  80 minute games  11 v 11
U19 Size 5  90 minute games  11 v 11
  • Games must start on time – players are to arrive at fields at least 20 minutes prior to game time
  • Half-time break is 5 minutes.
  • Quarter substitutions occur when the ball goes out of play and the Referee signals for substitutions. There is no "break" – substitutions and adjustments must be made quickly in 1 minute or less. Referee will signal resumption of play. The clock continues to run, so players lose playing time if substitutions are slow.
  • A Player may be Goalkeeper a maximum of 2 quarters in games below U16.
  • HEADERS  and SLIDE TACKLING at U10 or below are considered "dangerous play" and are not allowed.
U8 Rules and Guidelines:
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • Players 6 ft distance on any free kick.
  • There are no Penalty Kicks.
  • No Offside rule.
  • Kids are required to have fun!


Parents, spectators, coaches, players and referees all have a responsibility and obligation to keep our volunteer soccer program fun for all. With this in mind, please practice the following:
  1. Positively reinforce the things you like and encourage your team.
  2. Never put down any of the players on either team.
  3. Leave the coaching to the coach – don’t yell instructions to the players (even your own) – these instructions often contradict those of the coach and usually confuse the players.
  4. Our referees, like all AYSO officials, are volunteers, not professionals. While their decisions may not always be agreeable, they are final. Shouting disagreement or derogatory remarks is not allowed.
  5. Deliberate fouls, abusive words, or disrespect on the part of players, coaches, or spectators can lead to cautions (yellow card), dismissals (red card), or game terminations.
  6. Every year we have many new referees and coaches. Each is volunteering to do a difficult job, and mistakes inevitably occur. Any abuse of the referees, or the coach, is unacceptable. Serious problems involving coaches, or referees, should be brought to the attention of the Regional Commissioner after the game.
  7. For the safety of all, coaches and spectators must stand at least 1 yard from the sideline. No one is allowed behind the goal or within 18 yards of the goal line on either side of the field. Coaches and referees are asked to enforce this condition.
  8. No smoking, or alcoholic beverages, are allowed at games or practices.
  9. Water and a light snack, such as sliced oranges, is the only recommended half-time refreshment.
  10. All players must play at least 2 quarters. No player can play 4 quarters before all other players on the team have played 3 quarters.
  11. We have the use of beautiful facilities. Please keep the fields clean and litter free. Pick-up all litter from snacks and players after each game.
  12. If you see anyone misusing the facilities, or notice any unsafe conditions, please immediately bring the matter to the attention of a coach, referee, or AYSO official.

Safety in AYSO:

The safety of our children playing AYSO soccer is primary! All of the coaches have first aid kits. We suggest that each team ensure that ice is available at every game, perhaps as part of the snack assignments. Encourage your children to use caution around goal posts, and to watch out for ruts in the fields.

In the case of an emergency, call 911. From a cell phone, it is faster to call the local Sheriff’s Office at 363-4911 since 911 will bring you to a Northern California calling station. Do not move a child with a possible neck injury or concussion.

AYSO provides Soccer Accident Insurance to our players, coaches and referees for expenses that are not covered by the player’s primary policy. Claim forms must be submitted within 90 days of the date of the injury. The brochure, accident form and other important AYSO documents can be downloaded from the AYSO web site at (scroll down the page to Forms & Documents) . All accidents should be reported promptly to the Safety Directo, George Mallinckrodt at Note that there now specific requirements for a concussion or the possibility of a concussion. Parents have received a sheet relating to this in their player packet. Players may resume play with their team once their physician has signed the Participation Release Form.

If unsafe conditions are noted at any of the playing fields, please contact the Fields Director Robert Schoenthaler at

We look forward to a safe, fair, and fun soccer season!