A coach can be the most influential person in a child’s life.

In AYSO, Positive Coaching is a fundamental philosophy because of the crucial role that a coach has. Coaching in AYSO is a chance to spend quality time with your own child AND be an important role model for all the children on your team. In fact, the joy of coaching is so meaningful, that many AYSO coaches continue coaching long after their own children have moved on from AYSO. Soccer knowledge is a plus, but AYSO provides all of the training and materials you will need. No prior soccer experience is necessary for coaches in U5, U6, U8, U10, or U12. Prior AYSO or other soccer experience (like coaching a year or two in a younger division) is needed before coaching U14, U16, and U19.

Your kids are the most important kids in the world. As a parent you want the absolute best for them -- so who better to make sure this happens than YOU! AYSO provides excellent training and support for all of its coaches so all kids in AYSO can have a world class soccer experience.
The AYSO National Coaching Education program is the best volunteer youth soccer coaching program around and is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Eduction. No other national youth soccer coaching programs in the U.S. are accredited.
Many famous soccer players got their start in AYSO.
Now that you've decided to be a coach, here is what you need to know and do:
  1. To Be a Coach
  2. Training
  3. Other Key Information

To Be A Coach
  1. Apply as a volunteer via the R25 WebYouthSoccer registration page each season (as a part of registering your player or as a volunteer not connected to a player).
  2. Apply as a volunteer in eAYSO each member year (an AYSO member year is from August 1 to July 31). For step-by-step eAYSO registration instructions see Volunteer Registration.
  3. Complete the AYSO Safe Haven course.
  4. Complete the appropriate AYSO coach training for the division (U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19) you are coaching
  5. Be authorized by the Region as a coach.
  6. Hold a kick-off meeting for your own team to set expectations, educate your parents about AYSO, and layout your plans for the season.
  7. Prepare for and coach your team's games and run your team practices:
    • This is the fun part that you do with your kids! Thanks for coaching!
    • Do whatever it takes to be a positive coach (help parents, help players, schlep equipment, send emails, make phone calls, print & carry the necessary forms, etc.)
    • Be an outstanding AYSO role model for your kids and parents (practice all AYSO philosophies).
  8. Evaluate your players at the end of the season, enter their rankings into the player tracking system (so we can balance teams next season), and congratulate them at your end-of-season party!

Key Information

Repository of key information for all coaches:
  • Coach To Do List (tbd)
  • Parent Handout (tbd)
  • Practice/Training field schedule (tbd)
  • Game Lineup Cards (U8 & up) - coaches are responsible for bringing a properly filled out Referee Game Card to every game; the team player info is filled in.